Nasal Trimming Machine Manufacturer

Since last year we are already export more than one billion pieces of nasal clipper to countries in many continent. Our main market is North America and West Europe. We made it OEM and ODM masterpiece in all product with hand touch for better grip and performance.

You can get it with different brands, they are all made by us but we are not release our own brands until last month. They are a worldwide big brands and our brand maybe will be noticed in next few weeks in the market. You can get our items with same quality like the big brands that you know.

We distributed it last week and maybe they are still on the way or held by customs in destination country. Yes they will be bomb the market because the are more affordable than other with same quality, materials, function, features and performance. But we are better in design, because we are hear what customers want. Not like the market leader who do not so care about it.

We talk to customers about what they want in their nose hair trimmers. We add it, evaluate it and send sample to get testimonials from them. Their response was so great that make us believe we will beat the leader and reach the top before every major brand knows.

We use stainless steel for our rotary blade export directly from Germany. They are the best in steel manufacturing and assembled here in our facility center. Then we also design few model that will be fit for men and women worldwide and their style.

You can get our product soon.